Privacy statement

1. Privacy statement

We find it important to protect our customers’ privacy. This privacy statement describes how your personal data are dealt with by us.

2. General statement

At Hospital Equipment Services B.V. tradenames Hospital Equipment Services B.V. en HES Human (hereafter referred to as HES) your privacy is highly valued. We process personal data for different purposes. This privacy statement explains how personal data are dealt with by HES. We collect personal data to be able to deliver products and services to our customers.

3. Personal data collected and used by us
  • Customers
    • name and address details o contacts’ data
    • e-mailaddress
    • signature
    • data for communication and access to networks
    • invoicing- and delivery data
  • Our customers’ customers
    Where it is necessary to carry out our activities, we only have access to personal data (including sensitive data) of our customers’ customers. In that case we act on behalf of our customer and we enter into an agreement with them.
  • Potential customers
    • name and address details
    • contacts’ data o e-mailaddress
    • data for communication
  • Suppliers
    • name and address details
    • contacts’ data
    • e-mailaddress
    • communication data and access to networks
  • How we use our website
    If you contact us via our website- for example by sending a message in a contact form, or to register for our newsletter or apply for a job offer- we will only ask for personal data to achieve the required purpose (contacting you, for example). These data will not be retained longer than necessary and will be kept in a well protected digital environment and will be send via a secure link (https).

Furthermore we – like most websites – use cookies.
Cookies are small text files installed on a computer via a webpageserver. They are unique and can only be scanned by a server in the domain that installed the cookie. The main purpose of these cookies is to support proper functioning of the website. Cookies are also used in order to gain insight into statistics (Google Analytics). We have a processing agreement with Google. By adjusting the settings of your browser you can explicitly chose not to accept cookies. In doing so you may not, or only partly, be able to use the options on our and other websites.

4. Personal data from third parties

Personal data from third parties only reach us through a processing agreement, including specific instructions for dataprocessing and -protection.

5. Processing targets and basis for processing

Occasionally we process personal data to comply with legal requirement, the main purpose, however, is to be able to carry out our customer services. Some data will be registered for practical or efficiency reasons, that are, as we (may) assume, also in your own interest, such as:

  • Communication and information facility
  • Running our customer services as efficient as possible
  • Improvement of our services
  • Invoicing and collection

In practice the above means we will use your personal data for marketing purposes or to send advertising mailings or information about our services, if we consider them of importance to you. We may also contact you to obtain feedback about services rendered by us, or for marketing- or other research purposes.

Occasionally we may want to process personal data for reasons other than stated above, in such case we will explicitly ask for your permission. If ever we want to process your personal data (allowed on the basis of your permission) for other or more purposes, we will first ask your permission once more.

Finally we may also use your personal data to protect the rights or properties belonging to us and our users and, if necessary, to comply with legal proceedings.

6. Retention periods

Your personal data will be retained by HES until the ojectives for which your data have been collected are realised. Your personal data will not be retained longer than necessary. The retention period depends on legal time limits and the purpose of our dataprocessing. ]

7. Security

In accordance with legislation HES will inform the Data Protection Authority and possibly involved persons in case of suspicion of personal data having been stolen, released or modified or in case of infringement of the protection of personal data by an unauthorised person. For this we make use of a dataleak-notification protocol.

All reasonably possible and appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken by us to secure the protection of your personal data. This, inter alia, also concerns the use of protected and encrypted links.

8. Right to information

You have the right to see your personal data. You are allowed to have your personal data rectified of complemented should they be inaccurate or incomplete. You also have the right to delete your personal data and to restrict the processing of personal data. You are allowed to have your personal data deleted or see to it that fewer personal data are processed. Right to object to and withdraw from authorisation of dataprocessing You may unsubscribe from our marketing information at any moment. Just send us a reply by e-mail, subject: ‘unsubscribe’ or call us. Objections to other processing activities will first be carefully assessed by us, taking into account legislation and the justifiable HES interests. Complaints We do all we can to protect your privacy. Still you may not be satisfied about the way your data are processed. If you have a complaint, you are welcome to share it with us. You can send a letter or e-mail to HES. You have the right to complain tot the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

9. Amendment of this privacy statement

HES is allowed to modify this privacy statement, for example in case of changes in the law. The latest version can be found on our website.

10. Contact details

Should have any questions regarding your personal data, please contact us.

Hospital Equipment Services B.V. tradenames Hospital Equipment Services B.V. en HES Human
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The Netherlands
tel: +31 38 332 52 78

version May 2018