Hospital Equipment Services B.V. (HES Kampen) has been active in the medical market since 1974.

Our engineers have many years of experience in the field of medical equipment. This experience is needed for the correct de-installation and transportation of systems.

All equipment will be professionally stored in our climate controlled warehouses before moving on to a new destination somewhere else in the world.

  • HES is interested in your used medical equipment.
  • HES provides professional and expert de-installation and removal of your medical equipment.
  • HES uses their own de-installation and transportation material.
  • HES provides a certified proof of removal for all systems.
  • HES offers a fair price on your systems.
Diagnostic and imaging equipment:
  • Bucky systems (analogue and digital)
  • Cardiac/ Angio systems
  • C-Arm mobile systems
  • CR systems
  • CT scanners
  • Mammography systems
  • Mobile X-ray systems
  • MRI systems
  • R/F systems
  • Ultrasound systems
Other medical equipment:
  • Anesthesia systems
  • Defibrillator
  • ECG systems
  • Heart/Lung systems
  • Incubators
  • Infusion pumps
  • Microscopes
  • Monitoring systems
  • Etc.

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