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Corporate Social Responsibility

We deliver high standard products. In doing so we need to act accordingly. Businesswise of course, but also considering environmental and sustainability issues, as well as the human aspect.

Refurbishing is our core business, in that context we also provide medical institutions with equipment and new technology in places where the basic necessities of life, above all medical care, are not self-evident.

Children’s Fund of Malawi

That’s why we support Children’s Fund of Malawi (CFM), whose initial aim was raising funds for improvement and expansion of the Children’s Ward of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. In a later stage also district hospitals were provided with medical equipment.
CFM is involved in a wide range of projects focussing on health, education, vocational training, income generation and youth employability.
To maximise the impact, the projects are always small in scale and implemented locally in close connection with the people and children involved, aiming at transferring ‘ownership’ tot the local population as soon as possible.
A compelling project of CFM, keenly supported by us, is Green Malata, an entrepreneurial village for children and young adults. This selfsupporting village features agriculture and animal husbandry as well as welding and fabrication, brickmaking, carpentry, tailoring, hairdressing, baking, information technology, hospitality management as well as renewable energy (wind, solar, biogas). All in line with our ‘renewable’ products, HES supports this project by providing means and knowledge.
Obviously we supply medical equipment, but our surplus of nuts and bolts and other essential parts are equally important over there. Malawian inventiveness is impressive!
Doing business with HES also means contributing to this good cause.
Read more about the special projects of Children’s Fund of Malawi:

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