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Minimalize the downtime of your medical equipment
The spare parts stock list is being constantly updated. Please use the searchbox above to find your spare-part first.

We provide an extensive range of spare parts from all the leading OEM’s.

We provide an extensive range of spare parts from all the leading OEMs, such as Philips, Siemens, GE, Canon/Toshiba, Shimadzu, etc.

All spare parts are stored on-site in our 5000m2 warehouses. This allows for same-day shipping during weekdays, with delivery within 24 hours within the borders of Europe.
Our warehouse employees pack in such a professional manner, that damage caused by transport can be prevented. Because of our extensive storage capacity, we are quite confident we have what you are looking for in stock.

We are able to offer rapid, affordable, and reliable solutions, resulting in a longer lifespan of your indispensable medical equipment.

We are proud to be ISO-9001 and 14001 certified and are always focused on optimizing our way of work.

Not listed? We may have it in our warehouse.

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Looking for a specific part? Here a simple guide to finding your part of need. 

The system filters on two things: Description and part numbers(P/N).

“‘Example“‘ you’re looking for a (Brand) (Type). 
So you seach on P/N: 5221591 or Description: PCB HT174