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Remote support

One-time connection
When you choose this option an executable file will be downloaded. When you run this file, an application is started that allows access to your computer.

Once executed, the application displays an ID and a Password. This information is requested by the Helpdesk. With this data, a one-off connection can be made with the computer.

This option ensures that nothing is installed on the computer. When the computer is restarted or when the application is closed, the computer is no longer remotely accessible.

Install as a service
This option installs the Remote Support software as a service. This means that the computer is always reachable (provided it is switched on). This option will be installed on your system by the Helpdesk, if necessary.

New systems supplied by HES (Veterinary) and Hospital Equipment Services BV are standard equipped with this application. The big advantage of this option is that the system remains accessible after, for example, the computer has been restarted.

Hospital Equipment Services BV will always contact you before the system is taken over.

Your partner for maintenance, repair and control of your X-ray and digital system.

  • Maintenance and repair of various brands of X-ray equipment
  • Quality control and repair of Agfa digital and conventional systems
  • Annual mandatory inspection
  • Remote service digital systems
  • Helpdesk for all your questions

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Search machine for spare parts

Looking for a specific part? Here a simple guide to finding your part of need. 

The system filters on two things: Description and part numbers(P/N).

“‘Example“‘ you’re looking for a (Brand) (Type). 
So you seach on P/N: 5221591 or Description: PCB HT174