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Nuclear Energy Act File (KEW Dossier)


If you use equipment with an X-ray tube or if you are in possession of radioactive substances, you must comply with the Decree on Basic Safety Standards for Radiation Protection (Bbs).

We advise you to start applying for your permit on time, because this may also be mandatory in your practice since the new decree came into effect (6 February 2018).

How we work

Our systems are delivered under warranty. After the installation of the X-ray machine, we carry out an acceptance test as standard and with our remote support from our helpdesk, a minor malfunction or ambiguity can be resolved in no time.

If the Risk Inventory & Evaluation report (RI&E) is not yet in order, we will immediately take it with us. Our collaboration with Radcon ensures that the level 3 radiation expert prepares the KEW File, so that your practice meets both the ARBO and the ANVS (Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority) requirements.
We can arrange all the links for your KEW file for you. You can concentrate on your core business, while we take care of the technical and legal care of your practice.

Interested? mail: or call +31(0)38-3325278

We work with Radcon.

We can help you with:

  • the annual compulsory check of your X-ray systems
  • the associated measurements of the RI&E,
  • of course we can have the entire KEW file put in order

No hassle yourself, we are happy to relieve you!
Interested? Mail: or call 038-3325278

Search machine for spare parts

Looking for a specific part? Here a simple guide to finding your part of need. 

The system filters on two things: Description and part numbers(P/N).

“‘Example“‘ you’re looking for a (Brand) (Type). 
So you seach on P/N: 5221591 or Description: PCB HT174