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Hospital Equipment Services B.V.

Hospital Equipment Services B.V. is a Dutch company specializing in pre-owned diagnostic medical imaging equipment. It is a family business founded in 1974 by Theo Simons, a pioneer in used medical equipment. He realized you could extend the life of used medical equipment instead of disposing of the systems after their economic write-off period: a prelude to a circular economy!

HES Veterinary

In the ‘90s, many veterinarian clinics became interested in X-ray systems as well. A veterinarian division within HES was created in response to the development in the market. Today, HES Veterinary is an independent entity and a reliable partner to more than 500 veterinarian clinics in the Netherlands.

A Global Company

In 2007 Theo’s son Tijl Simons took over the business after 10 years of working at HES, maintaining its family roots and allowing for a smooth transition. Tijl has brought the company into the digital era, making the company truly global. The company has since expanded and started dealing with all forms of imaging equipment. In line with the company’s trailblazing nature, it also created one of the first spare part divisions in the business, providing vital parts for technicians worldwide: offering a cost-efficient solution to many healthcare organizations.

Dedicated team

Today HES has a dedicated team of 11 people with over ten technicians specializing in de-installation, removal, storage, reconditioning, and transportation of medical equipment. HES collaborates with an extensive global network of medical companies and technicians helping to solve imaging problems worldwide. HES continues to provide customers with exceptional service and the highest quality of products available.

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