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Decree on Basic Safety Standards for Radiation Protection (Bbs)

The Dutch regulations in the field of radiation protection have been largely replaced. Like the Radiation Protection Decree (Bs), the new Bbs focuses on the protection of everyone who is exposed to the risks of ionizing radiation: employees, patients, the public and the environment. All 28 member states of the European Union must implement the new directive from 6 February 2018.

What changes for you?

The distinction between notification obligation and applications subject to a permit is no longer made on the basis of maximum high voltage (kV) but on the basis of action. The notification will expire and the permit will remain. The notification is replaced by a registration. The registration can be seen as a ‘standard permit’, for which the relevant regulations have been included in the regulations.
This change is especially important for organizations that use a device that is subject to notification. Operations with a dental device or device with a vertical beam beam are subject to registration for veterinary diagnostics and do not require a permit. If you use both devices in practice, then the license requirement applies to the combination. A transitional period of two years applies to a limited number of situations. Within this period, you must convert the notifiable act of the Bs into a registration or permit on the basis of the new Bbs. In the meantime, you have a temporary registration or a temporary permit.

New names radiation experts

At least one employee within the organization is designated as responsible radiation expert for day-to-day practice. This is almost always a veterinarian with level 5 expertise. The name of this employee has been changed from supervisory radiation expert to supervisory employee for radiation protection. The (externally hired) level 3 expert (coordinating radiation expert, CDS) is now called radiation protection expert.
For more information with regard to the new legislation, we refer you to the website of the ANVS: Protection/.

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